The main objective of the LIFE URBANGREEN project is to optimize and demonstrate, in real-life, an innovative technological platform to monitor nature benefits for people provided by urban green areas and to improve their management.

5 innovative management components were implemented, aimed at:

reducing water consumption, providing water only when and where needed

reducing the carbon footprint of maintenance activities through a more efficient job planning

quantify nature benefits for people provided by green areas

monitoring health conditions of trees using remote sensing data

increase citizen participation in urban green management

The project started in July 2018 and will last until December 2021. Data visualised in this website is based on the research that is still in progress: therefore the algorithm might be improved and values could change until the end of the project.


The Municipal Greenspace Authority (ZZM) was established in July 2015 to manage and carry out tasks related to the greenery belonging to the Municipality of Krakow or the National Treasury. The area in responsibility of the ZZM consists of 1396 hectares of green areas, including 43 parks, 269 green spaces, as well as housing green and greenery in road lanes.

The main tasks of the ZZM include: management of green areas, planning and continuous maintenance of high green (trees and shrubs), low green (lawns, flowers, etc.) and maintenance of green landscape architecture associated with roads; construction, reconstruction, modernization, revitalization and restoration of greenery; implementation of various programs and tasks commissioned by law. Krakow has already developed and made publicly available a web-based interactive vegetation map.