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Explore Krakow’s urban green areas and learn about the benefits they provide to people and the environment. Discover the most common tree species in your city and their valuable contribution to reduce pollution and mitigate the effects of climate change.

This website has been developed within the European project LIFE Urbangreen, in collaboration with the Krakow Municipal Greenspace Authority.

Numbers of the LIFE URBANGREEN project in Krakow

About 260k trees grow in the green areas of Krakow, of which 120k have been inventoried and included in the project. The data below shows the values related to the trees studied in the LIFE URBANGREEN project.

[[hc.ecosystemAggregate.number_of_trees | evalUnit]]

Studied trees

[[hc.ecosystemAggregate.co_stocked | evalUnit : 1000 : 0 : 't']]

CO₂ sequestered
per year

[[hc.ecosystemAggregate.pm_removed | evalUnit : 1000: 0 : 'kg']]

PM absorbed
per year

[[hc.ecosystemAggregate.energy_saved | evalUnit : 1000: 0 : 'MWh']]

Energy saved
per year

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